Why Do I Have Pain?

PAIN is often the result of ‘wear and tear’ that accumulates in the body over time as we age. The process starts with your own birth which can be a traumatic experience in itself.

Pain and its cause

By the age of 6 you fall over around 2000 times, and each of these impacts can begin changing the structural shape of the spine. Add that to the 12 hours of sitting every day for 30 years and the car crash 10 years ago; this gradually accumulates into a distorted posture. Distortion creates strain. Think of a pen, if you bend it distorting its shape it will create strain points. With enough strain over long enough time, this will cause damage. In the spine eventually damage creates pains.

Pain is a biological response like a low petrol warning light in a car. Its job is to inform you of damage to the body tissues and motivate you to repair that damage and stop the action that is causing the damage. That is its purpose. We as chiropractors treat the cause of this pain (the structure) and not the symptoms (the pain itself).

We tend to get little warnings of this process as we grow older with occasional episodic pains and flair ups. These tend to get more frequent and intense over the years until the pains become permanent and constant. The pain then increases in intensity and disrupts our lives, until eventually we have had enough. When we can no longer play golf or do the gardening, we eventually decide to look for a chiropractor.

Pains cause physical limitations. Pain stops you sleeping, increases stress, reduces productivity at work and in the home. It hinders mobility, motion and independence. Pains reduce our abilities to enjoy fun with our friends and family; and make our health better by making the body stronger in the gym, thus influencing negatively other areas of your health.

Finding yourself a chiropractor in Peterborough is your first step in reducing your pains. Once the pains have been dealt with, we can then focus on improving your spinal neuromechanics so that you can enjoy a fun, productive and healthy lifestyle with protection from wear and tear damage in the future.

Chiropractic aims to take you away from pain to a better functioning body and a higher level of performance.

And the best bit of all; the word ‘chiropractic’ literally means ‘hand done’. There are no chemical drugs or risky surgeries involved.

People often report:

  • Better sleep (less tiredness, more productivity)
  • Increased energy (energy is the ability to do tasks; when we have incredible energy levels which can be achieved with chiropractic, we get more done and are more productive which makes us happy).
  • Better range of motion (easier driving and bending to do the house-work. Better sport performance).
  • More mobility (more independence).
  • As well as a host of other health benefits.


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herniated disc

A herniated disc is essentially a bulge; for example imagine a balloon, if stepped on and compressed it will bulge out from under your foot. In the spine the discs are filled with water and if there is distortion in the spine from incorrect posture and compressive force applied to a disc in an uneven manor the disc will be squeezed out the opposite side, building out and sometimes irritating a nerve. This then stops that nerve relaying information from the brain to the rest of the body compromising function and the bodies potential to heal.

disc Degeneratio With
Osteophyte Formation

As the discs are damaged and not supporting the spine the bones then begin to support the physical compressive load of the body’s weight. This causes the bones to physically change in response to support the pressure of gravity. This is the last stage of spinal aging and can mean changes to the quality of life for the individual and must be prevented.


Normal Disc

A normal disc will allow the bones to move correctly in all directions, weight is evenly distributed and dispersed in the spine and the posture is correct. The nerve roots are clear, unobstructed and functional and there is no nerve root compression allowing the body to function at its best.

Degenerative disc

As the discs are compressed and damaged over the years they dehydrate as they can not absorb fluid due to loss of motion. This reduces the physical height of the disc and this is why people shrink as they age. The problems is, that the discs space out the bones to allow a gap for the nerve to exit the spine. As the disc shrinks the nerve is compressed reducing the information from the brain to the body; this potentially can compromise any body processes linked to that nerve.