Dr. Awa Toure Ndiaye - Founder of AwAction Network Inc., & President

I found an opportunity to contribute to my community’s growth after meeting an American youth whose parents are first generation immigrants from Senegal. She was searching for career guidance and a mentor with whom she could relate. Shortly after, I had a new encounter with another youth from Senegal who was going through a similar career dilemma. I could not help but wonder who else from the Senegalese community was experiencing career challenges and how could we, the Senegalese community, contribute to their growth? I researched and found that many of our community youths would benefit from a relationship with mentors with common career interest, hands-on experience through shadowing or internships, and soft skills development to nurture their strengths under the supervision of a parent/guardian and a mentor who cares. This discovery led to the implementation of the non-profit organization AwAction Network Inc, and the creation of a youth online mentoring program.

  • I have a doctoral degree in Public Administration with a specialization in Program Administration

  • I hold an MBA in Management and a BS in Information Technology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

  • I accumulated a wealth of experience in Program Implementation, Administration, Management and Strategic Planning.

  • I worked with Community Youths and developed engagement programs to keep them occupied and develop their social skills.

My vision for this mentoring program is to welcome our community youths into the program to match them with dedicated mentors that will accompany them through college. I foresee the formation of well-guided youths who will continue the legacy of giving back to younger generations.

Ndella Seck - Volunteers Administrator

envision a world of possibilities for the African community. I am on a quest to inquire what I do not know. However, I do know that you cannot do it alone. Along with my vision comes shared responsibilities with other in order for change to occur. We will know change when we enlist each other to work towards the creation of a counter-narrative for the African continent and its people.

  • I have a Bachelor of Science from Ithaca College in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Management.

  • I have a minor in African Diaspora Studies.

In addition to being a volunteer for the mentoring program, I am the Station Manager and Corporate Trainer at the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport for Prospect Airport Services. My hands-on approach   is complimented by my interpersonal leadership skills. I engage and motivate employees at all level and I am highly  experienced with managing and teaching in digital environments.

Charlie Heyman - Advisor

“Making our communities whole and self-sufficient is one of the things we must take charge… It will take everyone’s commitment to this change and I want to start with me!” My passion for service to humanity started at home with my mom. She was the neighborhood mom, Plumie Heyman, who upon her passing was awarded the Key to Warrensville Heights, Ohio, and given a day in remembrance for her pillar spirit of community and family.

  • I studied Business Administration and left college early to join the US Air Force in February 1988. I spent 5 years serving my country and participated in Dessert Storm in 1991.

  • I wrestled for the Air Force All Service Team of Texas from 1989 to 1991 and finished my degree as an active duty Airman in 1991.

The connection to the mission of Mentor-N-Motion has provided next level commitment, both personally and professional to the growth of our communities and the dedication to our youth. Currently the owner/operator of a Cleveland based for-profit community restoration company geared towards small business development and growth within the under-served   communities. As a subject matter expert and grant panelist for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), he has formed   national partnerships through grants produced for his clients from the USDA, Catholic Charities, The Home Depot and several other multi-year donor.

Thiale Diop- Social Media/PR

As a product of two Senegalese immigrants, a first-generation college graduate, the youngest in my family, and the only child to be born in the United States, I have always led my life with great consciousness as to how my success, or lack thereof, would affect those around me. Because of this, I carry an immense sense of responsibility with everything I do. My experiences thus far have been attempts to capitalize on the opportunities I have been afforded, and my life’s mission is to bring that same opportunity to others.

Djiby Sall- Mentors Relation Administrator

As a community advocate, my specialty areas include workplace diversity, adolescent cultural dialogue facilitation, and reflecting on my own immigrant experience as learning steps for immigrant integration. I was born in Senegal, West Africa, moved to Columbus, OH at the age of 12 years. I started volunteering with local nonprofit at the age of 16, eventually becoming among the youngest person to have launched a non-profit organization funded by the United Way of Central Ohio. I’ve done presentations with businesses and schools around Franklin County on strategies of diversity and New American engagement working alongside Columbus Council on World Affairs and Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services . Additionally, having served as the campaign manager for Ibrahima during his Columbus City Council run, being the youngest in Columbus at the time to manage a citywide campaign, Sow became the first immigrant to make a general election in Central Ohio history. My philosophy is community service above self-service.

Faty Kane- Learning Management

My name is Faty and I am an alumna of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school. I am currently a finance analyst with a passion for education. I have a strong belief in closing the wealth disparity in our world with education. It is critical to arm those who are disadvantaged in our community with the right resources to thrive. I am excited to be a part of the MentorNMotion team and I look forward to working with the youth.

Hawa Sy- Executive Assistant

My Name is Hawa Sy. I am an Ohio State University Alumna, with a Psychology and Global Public Health background. I am very passionate about youth advocacy on education, mental health and stability. With our youth being the future, we must aid in paving the way for them as they accomplish their life and career goals.

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