Mentoring Is Rewarding

Well Being: Mentor feels good about helping a young person succeeded

Mentor help bridge the mentoring gap

Mentor help young adult improve their social, economic and behavioral outcomes

Mentor help young adults they mentor get a competitive edge and confidence to follow their passion

Long last healthy relationship


Comfort & Convenience: impact a young person’s life from your phone or computer via video conferencing


No Commute: Meet with your mentee from your home or your office

Why Online Mentoring?


No Time Constraints: You set the schedule based on your availability


Self-Development: On demand training and webinars

Mentor Enrollment Activities

Screening - Mentor Submit An Application

Future mentors must consent to submit a background check document if they are accepted in the program.

​Mentors are responsible for the cost of the background check ($13 , the program will send you an email with the link to submit your request through Verified Volunteer or you could get a free BC from your State).

Future mentors must  consent to comply to the Mentors’ Role and Responsibilities.

Future mentors must agree to the Mentor’s Code of Conduct.​

Future mentors must consent to stay on the program for the duration of the mentoring session, unless when unforeseen events occur

Future mentors must submit an online mentor application form (see above).

A program coordinator will contact the mentor applicant for a follow up conversation.

The follow up conversation will serve to collect additional information regarding applicant’ interests and goals.

The application and phone conversation information will be used to identify mentors that match mentee’s interests.

Future mentors are notified of conditional (pending background check results) acceptance decision via email.

Future mentors will submit a background check that meets the following requirements:

Comprehensive criminal background check results including a search from national criminal records database along with sex offender and child abuse registries.​

If all requested documents are received within the set deadline and are satisfactory, future mentors will receive attend an orientation training

Mentors will have access to training, webinars, and soft skills training.​

Applicants who are not accepted may be given the opportunity to take corrective actions.

Approved Mentee - Required To Attend Online Orientation

Mentors will receive an invitation to attend a mandatory online orientation video meeting.

During the orientation, mentors will receive information about the program requirements.


Mentors will receive matching propositions based on shared interest with a mentee

Mentor and mentee will have an introductory video conference meeting facilitated by program coordinator.

If both mentee and mentor agree to work with each other, their mentoring relationship will begin.

In-Session Mentoring Relationship

During the mentoring session, mentors are required to work with mentees and follow the program requirements.

Program coordinators will send reminders and notifications as needed.

Program coordinators will be available for support as needed.

End Of Current Mentoring Session - Mentee & Mentor Exit Mentoring Session

Mentors will fill out surveys to provide feedback about the mentoring session.

Exit Interview: Mentor will have a video meeting with program coordinator.

Mentors will receive a recognition certificate for having successfully completed the mentoring session.